Full movies | Action | Animation

Length 1:26:30

Some time after Robocop put an end to the “Nuke” production. Things have changed dramatically thereafter. OCP’s CEO known as “The old man” is gone, and their “Delta City” project has begun, but not before OCP was bought out by the Japanese robotic company known as “Kanemitsu”. They have formulated their own police force who are flushing people out of their homes and send them to OCP’s special rehabilitation program. However, a little girl named Nikko had escaped from the program and is now with a group of rebels. Then Robocop and his partner, Anne Lewis, see activity at a church, where the OCP force led by a man named Paul McDagget is about to wipe out the rebels. Until Robocop was heavily damaged by McDagget’s forces and killed Lewis. Meanwhile, the new CEO of OCP has just receive notice that Kanemitsu will help with the construction of “Delta City”, as they sent their own part-human, part-robot to assist OCP, named Otomo. When the rebels repaired Robocop, he starts to find McDagget. Now Robocop must find McDagget and watch out for Otomo and OCP.


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