NEGERI 5 MENARA (State of five Tower)

Film indonesia | Drama | Religi

Duration 1:51:46<

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Synopsis :

Negeri 5 Menara the film is a joint production Reuters Million Pictures which is an adaptation of the novel by Ahmad Fuadi entitled Negeri 5 Menara. Screenplay written by Salman Aristo is also the author of the film script Ayat-Ayat Cinta Laskar Pelangi, Sang Dancer. Directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman movie filmed in Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo in East Java, West Sumatra, Bandung, to London. The film was released on March 1, 2012. Alif (Gazza Zubizareta) is a simple boy who had just graduated from high school in Maninjau. Together with his friend Randai (Sakurta Ginting), Alif want to continue high school in the city and then go to the Campus dreams, ITB. But the dream of living the dream when Amaknya (Lulu Tobing) Alif want to go to Pondok Madani, a boarding school on the corner of Ponorogo, East Java. Although initially unwilling Alif, Alif finally begged his parents to meet, albeit half-heartedly. When Alif arrived at Pondok Madani with Daddy (David Chalik), his increasingly fractured. The place was really makin ‘plebeian’ and similar prisons in his eyes.

Coupled with having to retreat a year for classroom adaptation. Alif steeled himself to try to run at least the first year in Madani’s cottage. Initially, Alif more often alone. However, over time, begin Alif friends with his room mates, namely Baso (Billy Sandy) of Gowa, Atang (Rizky Ramdani) of Bandung, Said (Ernest Ocean) from Surabaya, King (Jiofani Lubis) from Medan, and Dulmajid (Aris’s son) from Madura. The six of them always hanging in the tower of the mosque and called themselves Sahibul Tower aka the tower owner. Increasingly warm atmosphere in the first class, while Alif disentak by passionate cries of Ustad Salman (Donny Alamsyah): Man Jadda Wajada! That is, Who is sincere will definitely succeed. “Mantra” is the one that adds to the spirit and tenacity of the sixth child. The tower sahibul always thought visionary and dream big. They each have the ambition to conquer the world. From the land of Indonesia, America, Europe, Asia to Africa. Under the tower Madani, they promise and are determined to conquer the world and can reach goals; And a big man that can be useful for many people.

Note : Film country ranks fifth tower to 2 box office in Indonesia after the Raid.


Title : Negeri 5 Menara (State 5 tower)
Release : March 2012
Director : Affandi Abdul Rachman
Producer: Salman Aristo
Starring: Donny Alamsyah, Lulu Tobing, Ikang Fawzi, David Chalik, Andhika Primary, Ariyo Wahab, Mario Irwinsyah, Sakurta Ginting


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